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Escanaba in Love

Written By: Jeff Daniels Directed by: Jeff Woerpel
The hilarious prequel to the legendary Escanaba in da Moonlight is set in the Soady deer camp during World War II and outfitted with a whole new cast of wacky Yoopers. Eighteen-year-old Albert Soady, Jr. is celebrating his final hunting season before he becomes a sharpshooter for the U.S. Army when he falls head- over-heels for the legendary Big Betty Balou - the woman destined to become  Reuben and Remnar's mother. The question is, does she have what it takes to become part of Escanaba's "royal" family? "Writing the prequel was like putting on a pair of your old, favorite shoes", says playwright Jeff Daniels. "I never intended to write a companion piece to Escanaba in da Moonlight. For years I wasn't interested. Never even thought about it. Once I started writing it, though, it was just a matter of going back into that world, hearing their voices ... the thing is, with the Soadys, I never wanted to leave". Originally produced by the Purple Rose Theatre Company in the fall of 2006, this will be Delta County's premiere performance of Escanaba in Love. Director Jeff Woerpel returns to direct the prequel as well. Players de Noc's faithful audiences will recall the Soady deer camp; as envisioned by Woerpel in the 2008-2009 season and can expect laughs even larger than Escanaba in da Moonlight. Cast:
Alphonse Soady Albert Soady, Sr. Albert Soady, Jr. Salty Jim Big Betty Balou
Keith Kermeen Phil Shields Mark Ammel Mark Cowman Bridgette Jaakola
Pictures from the Show