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The Fox on the Fairway

Written By: Ken Ludwig Directed By: Pete Dzanbozoff
"The Fox on the Fairway" is a charming, screwball comedy about love, life, and man's eternal love affair with golf. Two rival golf clubs square off in an annual competition with fortunes on the line, and everything depends on the fragile psyche of a promising young golfer. With a sizable wager at stake, the contest plays out amidst three love affairs, a disappearing diamond, ghastly golf sweaters, mistaken identities, emotional mulligans, slamming doors and rapid-fire chip shots. If you have ever considered golf to be "a good walk, spoiled" or nodded ruefully when you realized what 'golf' spells backwards, come join us for an unforgettable round of comedy. "The Fox on the Fairway" is the latest comedy by award-winning playwright, Ken Ludwig, whose previous shows include Broadway hits "Moon Over Buffalo", "Lend Me a Tenor", and "Leading Ladies", all shows that Players has produced in the past. Cast:
Louise Justin Bingham Dickie Pamela Muriel
Carolyn Bellingar Jason Thibeault Mark Cowman Jim Soderberg Karin Beveridge Lynn Soderberg
Pictures from the Show