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Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol

Written By: Tom Mula Directed By: Pete Dzanbozoff
Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol is a new perspective on an old story.  While there are many versions of the classic tale of The Christmas Carol, this one is not focused on Scrooge at all.  This is the story of Jacob Marley and his heroic, behind the scenes effort to save Scrooge's soul.  To save his own soul, he must accomplish this seemingly impossible task.  His adventure is aided by a Bogle, a malicious little hell-sprite with an agenda of her own. The hilarious journey takes them from the jaws of death to the mouth of hell and beyond.  This irreverent, funny, and moving story retells the Dickens' classic with warmth and infectious zest. Cast:
Jacob Marley, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Young Marley: Jon Johnson Bogle, A Little Girl: Kali Katarincic Scrooge, Young Scrooge, A Damned Soul: Jim Powell Record Keeper, Fezziwig, A Damned Woman, Fred, Bob Cratchit, Dick Wilkins, Marley’s Father, The Shadow: Mark Cowman