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Mending Fences

Written By: Norm Foster Directed by: Cathy Wilson
This brilliant and touching comedy is the fortieth play by Canadian playwright Norm Foster, but the first produced by Players de Noc. It is the story of Harry and Drew, a father and son estranged for 13 years, and Gin, Harry's reluctant girlfriend/neighbor. The story of Mending Fences appeals to us all, as parents, children, and lovers. Drew cannot keep a successful relationship and questions his father as to why. Harry cannot figure out how to communicate, even with the most important people in his life, and Gin is afraid to love again after a tragedy. It takes all three people to mend the fences in their hearts, and the show unfolds this healing in the funniest way possible. Mending Fences takes place across generations, hockey games, and a mysterious mechanical issue that all somehow work together to create a family out of three disjointed people. Cast:
Harry Gin Drew
Jim Soderberg Karin Beveridge Mark Ammel
Pictures from the Show