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Written By: David Auburn Directed By: Cathy Wilson
“Proof” won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and a Tony in 2001.  It is a work that explores the unknowability of love as much as it does the mysteries of science. It focuses on Catherin, a young woman who has spent years caring for her father, Robert, a brilliant mathematician who became unable to function without her help.  His death has brought into her midst both her sister, Claire, who wants to take Catherine back to New York with her, and Hal, a former student of Catherine’s father who hopes to find some hint of Robert’s genius among his incoherent scribblings. The passion that Hal feels for math both moves and angers Catherine, who, in her exhaustion, is torn between missing her father and resenting the great sacrifices she made for him.  For Catherine has inherited at least a part of her father’s brilliance - and perhaps some of his instability as well. As she and Hal become attracted to each other, they push at the edges of each other’s knowledge, considering not only the unpredictability of genius but also the human instinct toward love and trust. Cast:
Catherine Robert Hal Claire
Rachel Johnson Jim Soderberg J.J. Spalding Samantha White
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