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Tickets for Wall: A Product of Resourcefulness and Efficiency in America’s Never-Ending Battle for Absolute Supremacy and General All-Around Kick- Assedness are now available for online purchase.  Use the button below to get yours!

Season Tickets

Anyone can buy one ticket for one show.  But you, you aren’t afraid of commitment.  You want it all.  We salute you good sir/madam!  If you’d like to skip the lines and get all your tickets for all of this year’s shows before the rest of our adoring fans: Please call Jon at (906)786-8760 If you received a Season Ticket Brochure in the mail, you may return it and your payment to: Players de Noc, Inc P.O. Box 45 Escanaba, Mi 49829 The contact information for Season Tickets has changed.  After many years of faithfully serving our Season Ticket holders, Jim and Lynn have decided to pass the torch. (THANK YOU, Jim and Lynn, for all of your hard work and dedication!) If you’re accustomed to calling them, please know that, while they’ll still be happy to hear from you, their phone number will no longer be the one to call about Season Tickets. We thank you for your patience as we transition to a new Season Ticket Representative this season.
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