Cast Announcement! ~ Wendy & Wendell
Congratulations to the cast of Wendy and Wendell’s Wonderful Wacky WASP Wedding! Director Laura Haagensen thanks all who auditioned!
Helen Hunt, Wedding Planner – Nicole Rossell
Wendy Alice Brewster Foxfollower, Bride – McKenna Christian
Wendell Knox Bradford V, Groom – Bennett Carpenter
Eugenia Scoville Bradford Pucci, Mother of the Groom – Linda Carpenter
Admiral Wendell Knox Bradford IV, Father of the Groom – Pat Feldhusen
Vinnie Pucci, Husband of Eugenia – Jesse Traub
Barbara Franklin Bradford Bush, Groom’s Aunt – Annie Page
April Dawn Morningseed (Brewster), Mother of the Bride – Stephanie M. Gauthier
Gloria S. Rodham, Partner of the Mother of the Bride – Mariah Lee
Sri Kharma Foxfollower (a.k.a. Bob Jones), Father of the Bride – Tim Haagensen
Granny Agatha Adams Brewster, Bride’s Grandmother – Cindy Bender
Um-Krysta Luna, Wiccan Priestess – Paulette Pepin
Huntington “Rock” Rockwell, Best Man – Jozef F. Raiche
Mimsie Bichon-Frise, Maid of Honor – Madeline Way
Monkey Baloo, DJ – Dallen Carpenter
Rev. Augustus X. Scoville – Kelly Pepin
Waitstaff – Joe Russo, Kathy Feldhusen
Dinner theatre performance is Thursday, August 10th at the Island Resort and Casino. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at