Past Seasons
Double Feature – Two One-Act Shows

I Don’t Mind That You’re Ugly

Show Dates: October 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 @ 8pm
October 14 Matinee @ 2pm

Written By: Bobby Keniston

Directed By: Jim Powell

Clyde is waiting at “The Only Fancy Restaurant in Town,” anxious to propose to his beautiful girlfriend, Kira. There is only one problem: Clyde is a very average-looking guy. When Kira arrives, looking stunning, Clyde’s night is thrown into a whirlwind when everyone in the restaurant wants to gawk at his bride-to-be. When Kira accidentally makes the comment, “I don’t mind that you’re ugly”, to Clyde, the night really takes off in an unexpected direction. Will Clyde marry the girl of his dreams, or will his relationship be ruined at this wacky restaurant? Including several colorful characters, this one-act romantic comedy is sure to delight and make you say, “Awwww,” all at once!

Cast + Crew


Autumn Fournier


Jess Traub


Maddy Way


Brett Baulmer


Andrew Jones


Nancy Norberg


Madeline Gardner


Christie Madalinski

Chef Scarpaccio

Tyler Welch

Backstage Manager

Lou Reynolds

Love, Loss, and What I Wore

Written By: Delia Ephron and Nora Ephron

Directed By: Sara LaMarch

Love, Loss, and What I Wore is based on the best-seller by Ilene Beckerman as well as the recollections of Nora & Delia Ephron’s friends. The show uses clothing and accessories and the memories they trigger to tell funny and often poignant stories that all women can relate to, creating one of the most enduring theatergoing experiences.



Jennifer Caron

Gingy's Mother, Alex's Mother, Doctor

Paulette Pepin

Nancy, Holly, Young Sister

Tammra Barteld

Alex, Nancy (Gang Sweater)

Michelle Wall

Merrill, Mary, Nora

Heather Grimes

Stephanie, Liz, Lisa

Robin Gavriloff

Lynne, Mary's Mother, Geralyn

Lisa Boggs

Pam, Eve's Shrink, Amanda

Bri Belanger

Eve, Dora

Autumn Fournier

Older Sister, Annie

Christine Madalinski


Ashley Dahlgren