Past Seasons
Godspell – Updated 10-15-2021

Show Dates: July 22, 23, 29, 31, 1977 @ 8:00pm


Conceived and Adapted By: John Michael Tebiak
Music and Lyrics By:
Stephen Schwartz
Musical Based Upon The Gospel According to St Matthew

Directed By: Peter D. Adamini
Musical Direction By: 
John D. Beck



Cherrie Adams

Dennis Carlson

Steve Cooper

Tom Knoll

Mickey LaFave

Kelly O'Leary

Marilyn Parr

Peter Polowski

Sandy Ricci

Michael Stayton

Mark Waeghe

Wendy Weymier

Dan Young

The Spam Band

Drums / Percussion / Flute

Keith Balistreri

Guitar / Keyboards

John D. Beck

Keyboards / Saxophone

Bob Jennings

Bass Guitar

Sam Lark

Production Staff

Director / Scenic Design

Peter D. Adamini

Music Director / Arrangements

John D. Beck


Tina Sabuco

Lighting Design

Tom Eagleson

Costume Coordinator

Marilyn LaFleur

Production Stage Manager

Sue Nicholson


Jon Flath

Stage Manager

Jim Wendelberger


David Diedrich

Assistant Choreographer

Karen Plouff

Publicity Director

John P. Beck


Tom Eagleson

Ticket Manager

Debby Tolman

Follow Spot Operator

Tom Eagleson

House Manager

Jan McHugh

Costume Crew

Sandy Stefl
Karen Plouff
Maureen Hughson
Donna Olson
Peggy Roberts

Set Crew

Dick DeGrand
Tom Eagleson
Jim Wendelberger

Set Crew

Bill Mosenfelder
Mike Stayton
Mark Waeghe

Set Crew

Wendy Weynier
Kevin Carigan
Dan Young

Set Crew

John Davis
Chris Adamini
Paul Nyquist