Past Seasons
Murder at the Banquet

Show Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022 @ 5:30pm at the Island Resort and Casino

Written By: Robert LaVohn

Directed By: Laura Haagensen

This lighthearted and humorous send-up of famous detectives dishes out a bountiful feast of wisecracks seasoned with physical comedy!  The International Association of Mystery Solvers is hosting an awards banquet for the “World’s Greatest Detectives”. As Foster Holmes, Sherlock’s descendant, steps up beside the host to speak, Jenny Watson bursts in.  She is protesting her ancestor’s role as Sherlock’s sidekick!  Alas, the lights go out, and, when they return, the banquet’s host is dead and the prize money is missing.  It’s time for Foster and Jenny to team up with an aging British sleuth, a forgetful gumshoe and a hillbilly sheriff to solve this crime. 


Jenny Watson

Nicole Rossell

Claudette Pindu

Stephanie M. Gauthier

Agatha Preakness

Lori Rose

Wanda Winters

Brianna Belanger

Foster Holmes

Brennan Richardson

Jack Diamond

Kelly Pepin

Chief Hailey Stanton

Sara LaMarch

Nancy Winberly

Annie Page


Brady Irving


Kali Katarincic-Mills


Paulette Pepin

Carly Drew

Heidi Prevost

Production Staff


Laura Haagensen

Production Stage Manager

Sam Komay

Costume Designer

Beth Peterson


Tim Haagensen

Sound Engineer

Pat Feldheusen


Kerry Madalinski

Lighting Engineer

Tim Haagensen


Laura Haagensen
Sam Komay

Hair & Make-Up

Katherine LeDuc
Heather Grimes

Event Coordinators

Vicki Griggs
Jill Esterline

Graphic Designer

Laura Haagensen