Past Seasons
Playing Dead: A Cemetery Walk with Players de Noc

Offsite show at Lakeview Cemetery

Show Dates: October 19, 20, 21, tours start at 7:00 PM and leave every 10 minutes, last tour starts at 8:30 PM

Written by: Andrew Jones, Katherine LeDuc, Lori Rose

Directed by: Kelly Pepin


Back by popular demand, in mid-October we are once again offering a nighttime walk-through Lakeview Cemetery, with stops along the way to hear dramatic retellings of the lives of some of its most famous inhabitants. Appropriate for the whole family, and an entertaining way to learn more about the character and history of Delta County. 


Mary Terry

Kathy LeDuc

Mabel (Camp Cook)

Laure'e Kramer

Sarah (Sailer's Widow)

Sam Cassell

Michael Fry

Jim Soderberg

Catherine Christie

Lynn Soderberg

Dr. Thomas Gelzer

Hal Martin

James H. MacDonald

Kelly Pepin

John Frederick Luecke

Joshua Gartland

Anna C. Norton

Victoria Radke

Georgiana Erickson

Annie Page

Stanley St. Louis

Michael Ford

William W. Oliver

Logan McFarland

Eli P. Royce

Trevor Sebeck

Alvin S. Wynn

Brennan Richardson


Laura Haagensen
Zoey Kramer
Alizah Knauf


Mya Kressin
Katie Bender
Sarah Ford


Andrea Sullivan
Lisa Wangrud


Jennifer Knauf
Laura Palmgren

Production Staff


Kelly Pepin

Production Stage Manager

Kathy Woodbury


Sam Komay
Nicole Rossell
Katherine LeDuc

Lighting & Tech

Jamie Peterson
Jack Peterson
Ty Peterson
Kerry Madalinski

Costume Designers

Beth Peterson
Allen Palmgren


Allen Palmgren
Kathy Woodbury


Jovie Ford
Marieta DeAlaminos Rodriguez

Box Office & Gate

Mariah Lee
Jesse Traub
Christine Madalinski


Sam Komay

Graphic Design

Laura Haagensen

Special Thanks

The Trustees of Lakeview Cemetery

Special Thanks

Holy Name Central Grade School

Special Thanks

The Daily Press

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