Past Seasons
The Cutthroat Games – Updated 12-19-2021
Show Dates: April 2019 – CTAM Winner, AACT Fest Qualifier 

Written By: J.R. Spaulding, Jr.

Directed By: Jeff Woerpel

Everything about the St. Juliana brothers suggests a steadfast loyalty to one another. They’re Union, they’re Italian, they’re brothers. But when one of them finds himself in trouble, how far are the other two willing to go to protect him?


John "Dago" St. Juliana

J.R. Spaulding, Jr.

Angelo "Guinea Pig" St. Juliana

Pete Ammel

Michael "Butch" St. Juliana

Jamie Peterson

Denise Dani

Robin Gavriloff

Rick Scarborough

Brennan Richardson

Virgil Scarborough

Tim Krebs

Detective Stokes

Autumn Fournier

Production Staff


Jeff Woerpel

Production Stage Manager

Heather Grimes

Backstage Manager

Lou Reynolds

Scenic Design

Jamie Peterson

Lighting Design

J.R. Spaulding, Jr.

Costume / Make-up Design

Beth Peterson

Running Crew

Paul Holeva
Pete Dzanbozoff
Jessie Van Zile
Meg Holeva
Brett Bamler
Beth Peterson