Past Seasons

Show Dates: October 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 2017 @ 8 pm             
October 8 @ 2pm.

Written By: J.R. Spaulding, Jr.

Directed By: J.R. Spaulding, Jr.

All Mr. Rondo wants is to build a grandiloquent wall of epic importance as a way to provide purpose for Americans in their meaningless and mundane lives. With robotic powers, a psychic assistant, and a team of kazoo-playing Constructionists, who could possibly keep him from completing this symbol of the American dream? The Man, that’s who.


Mr. Rondo

Brian Tourangeau

Ms. Ricki

Madeline Gardner


Tim Krebs

Mr. Albert

Edward Lantagne

Agent Stern

Jim Powell

The Man

Megan Holeva


Paulette Pepin


Brian Kadletz


Heather Grimes


Ike Houston


Lori Rose


Jacob Phillips
T. Rose
Jamie Peterson

Clown Troupe

Laurie Mold
Beth Peterson
Autumn Fournier
Taylor Rose
Laura Palmgren

Clown Troupe

Fiona Lindberg
Annie Kluka
Syndey Chouinard
Tammra Barteld
Miranda Barteld

Clown Troupe

T.J. Nault
Poopeck the Clown
Joe Russo
Paula Connell

Clown Troupe

Brandee Houseman
Isabelle Houseman
Hannah Vieux
Rian Ross

Production Staff


J.R. Spauling, Jr.

Production Stage Manager

Robin Gavriloff

Backstage Manager

Autumn Fournier

Sound Crew

Pat Feldhusen

Sound Board Operator

Shannon Dubord

Lighting Design

J.R. Spaulding, Jr.

Light Board Operator

Crystal Anderson

Costume Design

Beth Peterson

Set Construction / Painting

Jamie Peterson
Gabe Peterson
Jack Peterson
Ty Peterson
Staci Berg


Paula Connell

Make-up / Hair

Heather Grimes

House Manager

Trevor Sebeck

Box Office

Jim Soderberg