Past Seasons
Wendy and Wendell’s Wonderful Wacky Wasp Wedding

Offsite show at the Island Resort and Casino

Show Date: Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023, Cocktails @ 5:30, dinner @ 6:00, show @ 6:30

Written by: Christopher King

Directed by: Laura Haagensen

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Wendy and Wendell, two young folks from neighboring affluent towns have decided to get married, twice. The groom’s family has already enjoyed a formal wedding with all the trimmings. Now the bride’s family has insisted on a “hand-fasting” performed by a Wyccan priestess. As a compromise, the ceremony is part of the reception at a classy inn. The proceedings are supposed to be carefully choreographed by professional hostess Helen Hunt. However, Helen has not counted on an intoxicated granny and great aunt, unexpected parents, an admiral with a screw loose, an ambitious bridesmaid, and a best man secretly in love with the groom. Audience members discover to their surprise that they are related to certain family members. More than one union is sealed and all live cantankerously ever after.